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Interested in helping women transform their bodies sustainably, improve their relationship with food, and feel confident in their bodies for life?

We are looking to hire a Coach at The Boss Body Revolution!  

You will work directly with BBR clients to facilitate coaching sessions, conduct checkins, help clients stay accountable to their goals, and create sustainable changes.

This is a REMOTE position intended to start part-time and scale to full time over several months. 



We are an online fitness & nutrition coaching team whose mission is to help women transform their confidence through fitness and health. We carry out our mission by providing fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle coaching online. We focus on South Asian women and help women get fit while enjoying their cultural foods. 

Our Head Coach and Founder, Dee Gautham, created The BBR after her own 10+ year struggle with disordered eating and negative body image. Dee was tired of seeing fitness solutions that focus on restrictive tactics instead of creating lasting behavior change and mindset change, and became a coach to bring lasting change to the industry.

Here at The BBR, we understand that the secret to lasting change is not another diet you can’t stick to: It’s transforming your relationship with food and creating habits that last forever. 

We utilize a holistic coaching approach based in behavioral psychology to help women build life-long healthy habits, lose weight sustainably, and keep it off for good.

Our methods are evidence-based, and get results that last. 

The core pillars of our coaching methodology are: 

  1. Flexible, balanced, personalized nutrition 
  2. Personalized, sustainable movement which includes strength training
  3. Sustainable behavior change 
  4. Mindset & a positive relationship with food 
  5. Community & Connection
  6. Education & empowerment



  • Create client programming, monitor client progress, make adjustments as necessary based on client feedback
  • Conduct weekly checkins with clients 
  • Be available for text / voice access with clients between sessions for support, motivation, and Q&A
  • Attend coaching team meetings & company meetings 
  • Be an active participant in our client community 



  1. You have at least 1 year experience working with clients & a strong track record of success. Beginner coaches with no experience are NOT being considered for this position at the moment.

  2. You align with our values and mission to help South Asian women transform their confidence through sustainable fitness and health. You’re a self-starter, energetic, and compassionate. You resonate with our style and feel like you’d work well together (make sure to check out Dee’s Instagram page and The Boss Body Revolution Page )

  3. You hold certifications in Nutrition & Personal Training, and use an evidence-based approach to coaching. (Please note that the IIN certification is NOT accepted at this time). 

  4. You have the skills to coach, communicate, & elicit behavior change in clients. The ideal candidate will be familiar and experienced with motivational interviewing to help clients change behaviors.

  5.  You understand South Asian Food & culture: Since most of our clients are of South Asian origin, it’s important that the next coach we hire can support clients who eat Desi food

  6. You have a strong personal brand on social media and are constantly sharing value and education online with your audience. As our business is online, IG is how all of you get to know our coaches and team.

  7. You are community and TEAM oriented: BBR is strong because we are a team and our community. The ideal coach is excited to be a leader in the BBR community and are excited to make it stronger. 


Please fill out this brief application below. If you are a good fit, we will reach out within 5 business days to schedule a call! 

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