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I joined BBR after making the decision to take back my body. I had let covid quarantine get the best of me. I stopped working out, made excuses why I didn’t need to eat healthy…“I deserve this, we’re in a pandemic”…and felt awful – like a slug. When I found this program through Instagram, it was different than any program I had done before.

I’m not a fan of diets, I don’t find them sustainable. BBR is different in that it teaches you how to adjust your eating habits. I can still eat out, but I’ve adjusted what I’m ordering so I get more protein and veggies. I can still eat bread and desserts! I don’t have to cut anything out, but I’ve learned to scale back, listen to my body, and pick up on my own cues. I’ve noticed a difference in my clothes and that’s given me a new found confidence I’ve been missing.

After having a baby, I gained a lot of weight postpartum and was not able to lose it. I tried some diets and worked out but wasn’t able to get rid of it so lost the motivation. I was at my heaviest ever.

I tried different diets in the past and was able to lose weight. But I always struggled with keeping it off.

I wanted to maintain the weight I lose and want to be able to follow a sustainable diet to stay fit.

I want to be able to wear all my pre pregnancy clothes and feel good looking at myself in the mirror.

Whenever I have lost weight in the past, it makes me feel good. I am happier. I feel comfortable around people even on a video call these days. Most importantly, I wanted to stay fit and healthy in life by learning to eat properly.

I waited long enough.

There aren’t any programs that I know of that talk about incorporating Desi food on a balanced diet. That’s the reason I decided to go with the program as it allowed me to enjoy the foods that I like and still lose weight. I heard a lot of good reviews about the program.

It makes me so happy that I found your program at the time when I needed it the most.

Coach Natalie was a great support and motivator for me. I am so very thankful for her.

-Tejal, BBR Client

Prior to this program I was struggling to figure out what is “healthy.” I was in the mindset carbs are bad and I had to be within 1200 calories if I want to lose weight.

I joined BBR because it was a program that was not restrictive.

The other reason I joined BBR was to feel confident in my body after having a baby and if in the future I get pregnant again I know how to take care of my body.

After starting my BBR journey, I have lost almost 6 pounds and was able to hit my weight goal a month earlier than I had originally planned.

I also now try to ensure I build more of a balanced plate for my meals. No longer, skip breakfast/lunch and then binge at dinner.

Also, I think have finally come to terms that no food is bad if eat in moderation and actually put it into practice.

I still remember first few weeks I was, “like this is a lot of food.” But with right amount of exercise and nutrition I am actually seeing definition in my arms.

I have never seen this before because I always focused on doing cardio for endless hours and nutrition was based on what had the least calories.

Prior to joining BBR, I was really nervous that if I get pregnant again I would not be able to take that weight off and would just have to “live” with that body. But I am happy to say I do not feel that way anymore. I was able to see what my body can do in short 3 months with proper nutrition.

Honestly, before committing I was like, “What if this doesn’t work?” But I had nothing to lose. And I am so GLAD I did it because this program has helped me build sustainable habits that I will carry for rest of my life.

– Aditi, BBR Group Client

I joined BBR just as the pandemic hit us this year. I was probably in the poorest shape of my life. I had previously taken private training […].

However, I was constantly depriving myself of food because I didn’t know any better about macros or how carbs and fat are needed to fuel my body and aren’t my enemies. Coach Ankita heard me out, and along with the tools that BBR had to offer, I lost almost 18lbs.

I haven’t felt deprived at all. My clothes from 2 years back fit me again and I’m super comfortable in my skin. The mindset shift is the most valuable thing I have gained and understood from this program since losing weight and gaining strength is not temporary. Thank you Coach Ankita, Dee and BBR!!!

– Krina, BBR Group Client

I discovered BBR via Instagram and had been following Dee for a while. I was struggling with my weight being stuck.

I was working out 4-5 times a week and I had not seen results for 5 years. I was continuously disappointed in myself.

My first goal with BBR was to loose weight but what I also learned in the program was that I really needed to build self-love, acceptance, trust the journey and most importantly trust myself.

I also discovered a whole baggage of body stereotype/images issues I was carrying and learned how to overcome that with my BBR coach.

I LOST weight in BBR but I GAINED so much more!

I would highly recommend The BBR, it’s Group support, and Coach Natalie! My BBR group and coach provided me anchor, guidance & support

My coach showed me path to get stronger, wiser, healthier, love myself, and be the best version of myself!

– Deepa, BBR Group Client

My progress in 3 months, [I] started at 149 lbs [and now down] to 129 lbs.

I never thought that I could lose weight this fast with an Indian diet!

Thanks BBR for this program, where I had to make minimal changes (just added protein and salad) to my Indian vegetarian diet and still see progress.

Totally thankful to my amazing Coach Shwetha, who has helped me set goals on a weekly basis and has been my biggest motivator.

I have flooded her messenger with food photos and she made me realize that I can enjoy eating out without panic and enjoy dahi sev puri, ice cream for lunch and still be within my calories.

Thank you for making me realize that I can do it. I am looking forward to more months of getting fit and strong!

-Sheila, BBR Group Client

I joined the BBR as I was sick of the yo-yo dieting and constantly battling with my weight, restricting foods and generally not happy in my skin. The results I’ve seen have been external and internal, from seeing my body composition change to also understanding truly how to communicate with my body by understanding what it needs/wants as well as learn how to practice body positivity.

I would recommend this to other women as there is so much information on the internet and hard to figure out fiction from fact and the BBR program really gave me the information and tools I need to succeed on my weight loss journey!

– Payal, BBR Group Client

To be honest, I was skeptical about joining BBR since it was also offering what other programs I’d tried were saying – lose weight sustainably. BBR, however, is different in that it looks at nutrition and fitness from a completely different perspective. They really tackle the mindset around your body and relationship with food. They don’t tell you what to eat, rather they give you the tools to be able to help you make choices. This practice of helping you rather than telling you, helps instill long lasting habits.

I learned more about ways to incorporate protein into my meals, how NOT to shy away from carbs, and to eat the appropriate amount of calories for my lifestyle (vegetarian). Prior to BBR, I was only tracking my calories using generic numbers that random fitness apps gave me. These apps that didn’t know anything about my vegetarian, primarily South Asian diet or my activity levels suggested very low calorie amounts for me. This ended up being very unsustainable in the long term since the low calories had me starving. I would attempt to calorie count for 2 weeks at a time, but would fall off the wagon because I would be starving and over eat on a cheat night.

Seriously, thank you so much for all that I learned through this program. I just measured at my lowest in over 5 years – 126.6 lbs! And I know that this is going to be sustainable because of all that I’ve learned.

Special thanks to Coach Ankita, your guidance through the program was so important!

– Alisha, BBR Group Client

I am close to 25 lbs. down since starting the program.

If you would have told me 6 months ago I could have achieved this while eating an Indian Vegetarian diet with real food including Indian food, pizza and occasional ice cream and still lose weight I wouldn’t have believed it myself!

I have learned so much about myself along this weight loss journey.

The thing that I totally love about your program is the mindset changes that I have learned along the way. I no longer let the scale define me. I don’t freak out every time the scale fluctuates. I now understand my body so much more.

I have honestly tried losing weight so many times before to only end up back where I started.

I have truly learned to eat and workout in a way that is sustainable and fits with my lifestyle.

I finally felt like I have been seen and heard with a program that takes into account my dietary restrictions and doesn’t require that I eat chicken and broccoli like all the other programs I’ve explored in the past.

-Pooja, BBR Group Client

The BBR program helped me realize that I can prioritize my health and wellness while juggling other aspects of my life -I don’t have to choose. I am so much more mindful about how I eat and I’m a lot less emotionally dependent on food. Having an external support group helped me stay more accountable and motivated with eating nutritiously and working out.

Amrita’s Accomplishments:

    • I’ve lost about 15 pounds
    • My clothes fit better
    • I’m way more mindful with my snacking and eating overall
    • I rely a lot more on my internal cues (asking myself why I want to eat)
    • I work out a lot more consistently
    • I feel more active with the combination of working out + getting in my steps
    • I feel more comfortable in my body knowing – I’m prioritizing my wellness and health

 Amrita, BBR Group Client

I see an amazing improvement in my wrists. It’s like the pain was never there. My knees are getting a lot better and my mobility and overall confidence has increased!

– Priya

Throughout the beginning of the pandemic, I was struggling to find a balance between my work and personal life. This led to a lack of overall movement and some mindless eating. I realized that I needed some help getting my nutrition on the right track and being consistent with my workouts. I came across BBR and was drawn into their approach of not needing to give up Indian food to lose weight – something that I always struggled with before when trying to diet. My coach has been amazing in helping me navigate my weight loss goals with my love of food and keeping me accountable for my workouts. My energy and confidence levels are at an all time high, and I am living an overall healthier, happier lifestyle!

– Purva


“I honestly never believed that online programs could have a real-life impact, but Dee’s training absolutely proved me wrong.”

I learned so much about food and my own mental patterns about nutrition and I truly feel like my personal relationship with food has been transformed for the better. I no longer feel trapped by all-or-nothing dieting mentalities, I have a much better understanding of healthier food choices for my body type and fitness level, and all around I am eating more and better than I ever have before!

– Alethia W. 

“Dee’s program took all the guess work out of weight loss.”

Shedding fat was no longer a mysterious phenomena, but rather a challenge that could be tackled with the appropriate approach and tools. I had done a fair amount of the emotional work beforehand, so everything we did related to mindset served to reinforce how crucial this is to how we as women feel in our skin, and her guidance related to macros and movement illuminated just how unique each of our needs are based on our bodies and our goals. After six short weeks, I felt like I had knowledge and tools, and a new belief in my own ability to execute, that would serve me for life. 

– Leena P. 

“Her program was the most helpful thing I’ve ever done, and I’ve done them all.”

I never thought I would ever be that person who prioritizes working out over anything else. Or says no to the free chocolate on the plane. Or that I’d be able to wear crop tops. Or that I could rock climb. Or ever do a full-body push-up. Or…

The list went on. If I failed at something I tried for the first time, it joined that list. But Diksha helped me tear up these restrictions and face my fears head on. Her program has been the most helpful thing I’ve ever tried to control my health (and I’ve done it all, from personal trainers, expensive and cheap gym memberships, group fitness, weight training class in college, at-home programs, weight-loss challenges, calorie counting).

I began her 12-month weight training and nutrition coaching program with the goal of losing weight and getting stronger, at the same time I started traveling for work, and it has easily been the best investment I’ve made. Dee led me through a well-balanced and informative program that not only helped me shed a few pounds and get stronger muscles, but expanded my curiosity and desire for living a healthy life. Bust most importantly for me, she encouraged me to gain confidence and the intuition for me to give all those things I had once shunned another try.

If you’ve seen any of her posts, videos, or had the pleasure of talking to her, you know Diksha is really passionate and it showed the entire time. She provided a throughly-designed plan, but was flexible with my traveling for work and vacations. Whenever I had doubts, lost motivation, or was just down, she spent extra time with me to get down to the deeper reason why I was feeling or acting a certain way. The way she has helped me as goes well beyond fitness and no review can give her amazing personality, dedication, and attitude the credit she deserves.

If you have any reservations about giving any of her programs a try, just reach out to her! Diksha is so approachable, and I cannot think of a better person to help you take control of your decisions, encourage you to try things you thought you were incapable of, and help you prioritize what truly matters to you. I’m so grateful for her for helping me through the long list of things I thought I’d never be able to do, and for transforming my attitude to keep going for things I previously only dreamed of.

– Keerti K.

“I lost about 8 lbs and felt significantly more confident in all my clothes.”

Before I started working with Dee, I had a lot of goals around fitness and nutrition but no concrete plans or structure to get there. I would have good and bad days with food or at the gym but I was not consistent and hadn’t seen a real change in my body in years. When I invested in Dee’s program (and invested in myself), I finally had a structure to start achieving my goals. My biggest goal in joining this program was to create a lifestyle change and to bring my body to a healthier place. In working with Dee for 8 weeks, I learned so many things about nutrition and fitness that I have been able to incorporate into my life long term. I immediately saw and felt results when I implemented the program. I lost about 8 lbs and felt significantly more confident in all my clothes! What shocked me the most was how I was still able to eat the things I enjoyed while actually feeling satiated and healthy. At the end of this program, I had become more confident and in control of my body, and more knowledgeable about how to create and follow a true regimen to get me the results I want. While I still have a long way to go, Dee has equipped me with the knowledge and tools to continue my progress and I’m extremely glad I started this journey with her!

– Aashni 

“I was actually eating carbs, something I hadn’t allowed myself to enjoy in months, and I still felt great”

I signed up for the program on my birthday. I had made a decision in January to get my health on track, and three months into the year, I felt like I was fluctuating between extremes. I wanted to feel more comfortable in the gym and also more aware of how to eat healthy consistently. I had spent most of February and early March either eating 1200 calories and burning 700 in workouts or binging. It was really hard for me to find balance. Within the first few days of Dee’s guidance and training I felt more centered and focused, I wasn’t as stressed about what I was eating or how much. I was actually eating carbs, something I hadn’t allowed myself to enjoy in months, and I still felt great, not super bloated or heavy. Dee’s program though is unique because of the component that is more than meal plans or workouts, it’s because of the mindset change. She has created a series of prompts to help her users truly question the root cause of their discomfort with their bodies. This awareness and realization of “why” and “how” I had been caught up in these cycles of weight loss and weight gain, why I hadn’t felt comfortable in my skin for the past decade and a half, why I hadn’t achieved my goals yet even after so much work of Atkins, Keto, Orange Theory, etc.

Dee has helped me realign my lifestyle with my goals of losing weight, eating to make my body more healthy, and seeing myself as a more confident and capable woman. This program was more than a diet or a workout, this was an entire rebranding.


“I wore a bikini with confidence for the first time in years.”

I no longer feel clueless about nutrition! I’ve loved learning about flexible dieting, calories, being aware of my binge triggers and most of all I LOVE knowing how to calculate my macro intake! Towards the end of the program, I went on holiday and wore a bikini with confidence for the first time in years. I still have a way to go, but I’m happy and armed with some serious skills. Dee has taught me well : )

– Naveen S. 

“I haven’t had a binge since we started”

I am so glad I joined this boot camp with you and the other ladies! Women empowering women! I definitely feel stronger, and notice the changes in my arms, back and midsection like you pointed out. My mindset is so much more focused on my ideal self and empowering myself to get what I want because I deserve it! My relationship with food had completely changed as had my association with stress and eating. I haven’t had a binge since we started and stressful situations haven’t been triggering in me an urge to eat. I am excited to continue on in the training club to build my strength, and maintain muscle, even though I won’t by trying to shed fat right now. I will always have the tools I need to reach the goals I want!! Thank you again!!!!!

– Bethany R. 

“Fitting into a jacket, leveling down a size, etc were wins I never counted before”

I was at a plateau, I didn’t understand how nutrition worked and I was aimlessly exercising without being mentally on track with my goals. Basically I was frustrated. I wanted to feel comfortable about my body. I wanted to break through my plateau.

I think more than anything the weekly check ins helped a lot. I used to freak out for small things, which now seem silly but I needed a mentor to tell me to chill out which you gladly did 🙂

I think it’s appreciating the small wins. Fitting into a jacket, leveling down a size, etc were the wins I never counted before. It’s important to appreciate your body for everything it does for you and that’s something I realized over the weeks!

I appreciate that you take the time out to make us figure out the WHY of our fitness journey at the very beginning. It’s all a mind game and I benefitted from it! 

– Nimisha S.

“I’m most happy about the change in my relationship with food.”

Before I joined BBNR, I felt like I was in a rut and felt deeply that I needed to make a lifestyle change, especially when it came to food and nutrition. I’d been working out twice a week, but I knew that nutrition was where I still needed to make the most changes.
I felt sluggish sometimes and struggled with stress eating. I also felt like no matter what I was doing, I just wasn’t losing weight/becoming more lean.
After going through BBNR the last few months, I feel more confident in my clothes, and I feel empowered to make healthier choices when it comes to food.
Mentally, I feel less stressed and nervous about eating what I used to call “bad” foods, and I am doing better with adding the appropriate macros into my daily routine. I’ve lost a few pounds, but I’m most happy about the change in relationship with food. I have also noticed a change in how I talk to myself in terms of food and fitness in a positive way.
This program appealed to me because it wasn’t selling some “lose weight quick” program; I could truly tell this was a program that was going to benefit me long term and not just in the present moment. In addition, Dee is extremely approachable and easy to talk to, even about the most difficulty topics surrounding food and my relationship with it. This program was well worth the time, commitment, and money; if you want to gain skills and habits that will help you stay healthier long term and feel good in your skin, this program is definitely worth considering!
– Nancy (*Name changed for anonymity)

“Before working with Dee, I was in a bit of a rut in terms of progress toward my health and fitness goals.”

I didn’t know where to start or why I was so unmotivated. Dee encouraged me to first change my thoughts before trying to change my actions. Working with her exposed me to a powerful combination of positive thinking and visualization, self-directed weight lifting workouts, flexible weekly routines and simple but useful healthy eating hacks. Dee encouraged me focus on “making things easy” – whether it was using a giant bottle to make sure I drank enough water regularly or buying groceries from Instacart to make it easier to cook dinner at home. This lesson really helped and I look forward to continuing my health journey beyond our time together. Thanks Dee!!


“Dee taught me to put myself first.”

I learned about Dee through Instagram. I had been recovering from a bad injury and I hadn’t been working out seriously for about a year. As a result, I had put on weight, gotten weak and lost a lot of confidence. I knew I had to back to taking care of myself but I felt overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start.l Dee’s Program changed ALL of that.

Working with Dee, I was able to tackle a multitude of issues. We got to the foundations of my relationship with food and my eating behavior. I learned that food did not have to be an emotional crutch or a stress reliever. We worked on confidence and self-empowerment. Through the Facebook group and voxer messaging app I was able to share my victories and challenges and get on the spot feedback. And lastly her program got me back into the gym 3 times a week. I am no longer concerned with who watches me in the gym, because I am there for myself! Dee taught me to put myself first!

I have made emotional, mental and physical progress. Dee’s program was special because you really have to stop and reflect on everything you have done, everything you are currently doing in order to prepare for where you want to go!


“Above all, this program has taught me how amazing it feels to take care of my body.”

I started this program at the beginning of a year full of uncertainty: my job of 2 years had just ended, my Masters degree classes were complete, and I really had no idea what path I wanted to pursue or what step to take next. This program helped me stick to a schedule and keep myself accountable, even during a time where I had no work/school schedule to stick to and could’ve spent the entire day on my couch watching Netflix with no immediate consequences.

My primary goal when starting Dee’s program was to familiarize myself with the weight room at the gym and learn how to perform exercises that would give me results and increase my strength. Of course, like everybody else, I also hoped to tone myself up in the process, but I really wanted to gain valuable knowledge that I could take away from the program and use to create my own effective workouts on the fly, whether in my home gym, at hotel gyms while traveling, or anywhere else.

I also wanted to continue on my journey to body positivity. I struggled a lot with feeling unworthy or “less-than” if I had a bad day of eating or missed a workout. I wanted to learn to be kinder to my body, take pride in its achievements, and understand that even if my tummy isn’t perfectly flat or I’m not the buffest person in the weight room, I’m still amazing and valuable and can do incredible things.

I have learned so much valuable information and helpful tactics from Dee that I continue to use in my daily life. Dee, I can’t thank you enough for everything. It has been an awesome 12 weeks, and I am so grateful to you! 

That sounds like such a simple statement, but it has really blown me away how empowered I feel when I do something I know is helping me along my fitness/health journey. Whenever I get a workout in, hit my water intake goal for the day, or even just make my morning protein shake/breakfast smoothie, I feel so badass and confident knowing that I’m taking a step towards positive health. I love knowing that I’m taking care of myself, loving my body and showing it how much I appreciate all it can do. I’ve also learned to go easier on myself when I slip up (which is inevitable) – there is no point in beating myself up over a missed workout or over-indulged meal. The important thing is to make a note of how I’m feeling, why I feel that way, and determine what steps I can take in the future to avoid feeling this way again in the future. 

– Isabel H.

“I’m way more confident in my body than I have been before.”

Before we started working together, I constantly battled the inner voice in my head that said I wasn’t good enough because I was unable to lose weight. I had a lot of bad body image days which impacted my life and mental health. I had a reasonable understanding of nutrition and fitness so I knew that I wanted to work with someone who could teach me more than just the basics. Instagram’s algorithm led me to you! Working with you taught me a lot more about the technical aspects of nutrition and fitness. More importantly however, learning the emotional & ‘human’ aspects of nutrition and fitness is what distinguished your program from other weight loss adventures I have been on. You taught me the importance of acceptance and finding the right balance between nutrition, fitness & happiness. I’m way more confident in my body than I have been before because of the tools you’ve equipped me with over the course of this program. I now eat healthier because I want to, not because I “have” to & I workout to genuinely feel good in my body! Moreover, the women I met through the program are all so inspiring and motivating it helps me stay accountable to myself and to my long term goals. I didn’t expect this program to be life-changing but it truly is and I’m glad I found you!

– Hannah *Name changed for confidentiality 

“I’m finally able to change my diet and lose weight in a way that feels sustainable.”

I’ve always had an unhealthy relationship with food. I’ve gone through periods of extreme calorie restriction and binge eating, especially when I was stressed out. I thought the only way I could lose weight was through extreme calorie restriction and cutting out all the foods I love. Dee understood exactly what I was going through and helped me develop a much healthier relationship with food. She taught me how to balance my diet so I could still enjoy the foods I love. I never felt hungry or like I was depriving myself of anything or losing out on my social life because I was dieting. I’ve also stopped turning to food whenever I’m stressed or upset. I’ve lost fifteen pounds so far! I still have a long way to go but with the tools Dee has given me, I’m finally able to change my diet and lose weight in a way that feels sustainable.

– Hillary 

“For the first time in a long time, I feel comfortable and confident and it’s an amazing feeling” 

Dee’s program helped me finally make progress in my weight loss journey in a healthy, sustainable, long-term way. I have never made lasting progress on my own since I would yo-yo between losing weight, then gaining it all back, but this program helped me attain a realistic and healthy relationship with my food. I enjoy and savor every meal without feeling guilty or gross. I am still seeing changes and incorporating all the tips I learned through this program, and will continue to do so for the rest of my life. That’s the beauty of this — it wasn’t just a short-term solution, but a program that showed me skills that I could easily add into my every day life. I wore a crop top last week and didn’t feel any anxiety, just felt happy and healthy. For the first time in a long time, I feel comfortable and confident and it’s an amazing feeling. Thanks Dee!

– Jessica P

“I’ve honestly never felt so good about my body like the way I do now.

Being only a broke college student, I was super doubtful when I first signed up for this program. It was a huge financial commitment for me but I thought I’d take the risk because this is something I’ve wanted for SO long and all I needed was guidance.

Your program not only helped me get back on track, but I learned so much about myself and food in general. I’ve honestly never felt so good about my body like the way I do now. There’s still progress to be made but now that I started and know how to continue, I feel excited and motivated. I owe that all to you and your dedication to the program. The thing I liked the most is you always made every video so relatable to you. You admitted your human mistakes and tendencies (for example, coming up with all the excuses in the world to not work out and how we blame genetics for being overweight). You changed my MINDSET about food and my body which is a really difficult task.

I look at food in a completely different way now and I’m so thankful that I invested the time and money in your program!

“I feel more confident in the clothes that I wear.”

At the beginning of this program, I think i had the worst relationship with food, which i now realize when looking back. I was always bingeing and cutting calories if i ate too much. I constantly was scared to eat because i thought i would gain weight. But now I finally am not scared of food and i think learning how i can still eat foods i enjoy as long as i balance it with other foods has been the most important thing. And physically my body feels so much better than before I started the program because before I constantly felt bloated and uncomfortable because of the things I ate. I feel different! I feel more confident in the clothes that I wear. Having this confidence now is something that I value the most.

– Sharon 

“My goal was to tone up and get stronger, and I saw visible results in both after a few months.”

I’m not a very active person and was struggling to include regular exercise into my daily life.

I reached a point where this became extremely important to me because I noticed my body getting weaker and I felt like my mind and body weren’t connected anymore (which in turn affected my mental health), because I didn’t understand why my weight would fluctuate or why my back would hurt.

I am a big (vegetarian) foodie and though I don’t have any negative habits around food, I was not thoughtfully consuming what my body needed either.

The program helped me in 2 specific ways. Firstly, the guides around how to think about the food I was consuming was extremely realistic and helpful. The fact that the program didn’t encourage counting calories but instead focused on the breakdown of the nutrition in my food was very encouraging and a new framework to think about what I was eating, contrary to more popular restrictive diets that I knew wouldn’t work for me. Tracking this never made me feel guilty about what I’d eat, but made me feel informed. Secondly, the step by step breakdown to weight training removed the feeling of intimidation that had previously stopped me from approaching weights without a trainer telling me exactly what to do. I felt empowered to buy the gear I needed and incorporate this into my home workout, and I could no longer make any excuses to not work on my physical health anymore.

My goal was to tone up and get stronger, and I saw visible results in both after a few months. Seeing these results made me feel proud and in control of what my body could do, and more informed about how changes in my behavior could affect my overall health.

I felt like I could understand and empathize with how my body looked and felt more. I understood how exercise and what I ate was affecting my weight or strength.

Dee makes nutrition and physical health so approachable and non-judgmental, there’s really nothing to lose! You’ll come out of working with her not just feeling improvements in your body, but also in how you think about your overall health.

– Vishruta K.

“I lost 15 pounds. My clothes fit better, I have more energy, and I am continuing to lose weight.”

Over the summer, I decided to join Boss Body Revolution because despite all my attempts to lose weight, nothing was working. I was angry, annoyed, and frustrated with “trying” new things and not getting results, so I decided to try something new and get a coach. After completing the program, I lost 15 pounds (clothes fit better, more energy, others have noticed a difference) and I am continuing to lose weight. What makes this program different than others is that Dee doesn’t just give you “steps”, but helps you understand nutrition, how to fuel your body, and equips you with effective life hacks that create a foundation for a strong, healthy relationship with food and exercise.

“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.” Dee teaches and empowers you to lead a healthy lifestyle with realistic tips and strategies to address emotional/stress eating, how to build habits within a busy schedule, and most importantly, how to address years of shame and guilt associated with failed diets and attempts to lose weight. If you’re on the fence, I encourage you to jump in. Dee and her coaching team are authentic and compassionate and provide services with a high standard of excellence and integrity. They provide a perfect mix of genuine, empathic support and accountability while providing motivation, resources, and community to help you push through your obstacles. Dee’s program doesn’t ask require perfection, but it does require you taking the first step towards a healthy, vibrant future!

– Megan *Name changed for anonymity 

“After many failed diets, I finally lost weight.” [10lbs down]

After many failed diets and attempts to find a sustainable workout routine pretty much throughout my teenage and adult life, I was tired and felt helpless with what I thought of the gap between who I thought I was and how I looked. I bit the bullet and decided to seek guidance from Dee. Over the course of 4 months thanks to Dee, I have developed a new perspective about how I approach eating, workouts and also how I perceive my body.

Dee has developed a solid program which not only touches on so many subtleties of the process of losing weight, building a workout routine and improving your relationship with food, but also on your relationship with yourself! Her coaching is therapeutic with the added benefit of developing a community of other women on the same journey.

Dee herself is patient, passionate and always striving to find a logical solution to any hurdle. I highly recommend Dee’s program for anybody who is on the hamster wheel of crash diets and seeks to get off it.

“Dee helped me feel confident in myself.”

I loved working with Dee because she was so hands-on with me! I always felt supported in times when I was anxious about food or workouts. Dee helped me work through my relationship with food and my body! Most importantly, she helped me feel confident in myself and my ability to manage my emotions around food and self-image.

“I’ve currently lost 36lbs.”

Thank you so much for this opportunity, Dee. I truly cannot thank you enough. When I first messaged you after you posted about the program, I low-key thought this would be another program where I’d complete it and not walk away with anything valuable. I am SO GRATEFUL with how wrong I was. You’ve grounded me with the necessary skills to confidently continue with my health and wellness journey. 
I’ve currently lost about 36 pounds, which is half of the weight I had put on after heavy medications/birth control/steroids. I’m still processing this accomplishment, but I don’t think that’s what I’m most thankful about. I’ve grown so much as a person and I KNOW I wouldn’t be where I am today without your guidance (I know this is sappy, just go with me…). 
Before coaching, I thought I needed to get back to my weight before heavy medications, birth control, and steroids. But honestly, I’m only halfway there and I feel much more comfortable AND confident in my body now than I did in the past. 
Before coaching, I’d never thought I would have lifted a weight in my life! But NOW, it’s what I look forward to every week. While I’m excited about losing fat, I’m more thrilled about how much stronger I’m getting. Instead of asking others to lift items during work for me, I can do it myself and that is such an empowering feeling to be in a room full of men and be able to pull my own weight. 
Before coaching, I’d NEVER look in the mirror and if I had to, I’d brace myself with Ursula’s voice preparing me. Now I’m able to look into the mirror (even on the days where I feel like I’m at my worst) and be content with what I see. I don’t feel hate or disgust for myself. I’m able to accept my body and actually LOVE it at times. I never thought that was possible after everything I’ve been through and all the internal trauma coming from a brown childhood. 
Before coaching, I’d never been able to attend family functions or events without anxiety and stress about what everyone thought and their comments towards me. After taking care of myself, I’m now able to enjoy family functions and not be so self-conscious or obsessed with everyone’s comments. I’m able to process it, let it go and move on with the day.
Okay, I’m gonna stop now because I’m in public and I don’t wanna get all emotional. But lastly, you’ve taught me to let go of this all or nothing mindset. I don’t think I’ll ever comprehend how damaging it was to me in all parts of my life. But with health and fitness, especially. Now that my schedule is back to being jam-packed, I’m still getting more sleep than before, I’m making time to eat, and I’m working out/moving whenever I can. I’m not gonna lie, it’s still been a struggle and a thought process, but the point is I can call myself out, re-evaluate the situation, and take the steps necessary to take care of myself. 
OH. Last one, I promise. You’ve given me a SUPPORT SYSTEM. Before this program, I was doing it all on my own, and that clearly wasn’t working. I was ashamed and never spoke about my desire to become healthy (and when I did, I felt embarrassment). But now, I have this support system in you and everyone I’ve met through this program. I’m indebted to you for teaching me about learning to love myself and learning it’s okay to reach out to others for support. 
Thank you so much, Dee! 

“be prepared for a complete change in yourself.” 

Before I started working with Dee, I did not have a good relationship with food. I would work out to “work off” what I ate and I would indulge whenever I went out to eat. I was struggling with losing weight and I wanted to make a change because I knew I was not making proper decisions with food and my combination of working out and healthy eating. Working with Dee, I started to view food as nourishing rather than something I will only be able to have once in a while. I started to notice small change in my body even though I didn’t see immediate results on the scale. I also started to notice I felt better so the number on the scale didn’t matter to me as much. Dee’s program is different from other programs because she doesn’t just tell you what to eat/what not to eat. She transforms the way you think and feel about food and the way you feel about yourself. For those working with Dee, be prepared for a complete change in yourself. 

– Rachel L. 

“I feel confident and strong. I am fit and beautiful.”

Before working with Dee, I was unmotivated to workout, confused on how to eat smarter and healthier without completely cutting out my favorite foods, and overall unhappy with how things were going nutrition wise. I chose heaps of junk food (chips, candy, cookies, etc) over anything nutritious.

I felt heavy and bloated and was not confident with my body and self image. I was struggling with getting myself to work out and figuring out how to create a healthier meal plan.

I would binge eat like no other. I never listened to my body. I would stuff myself to the point I felt sick after.

Shifting my beliefs and mindset training was the biggest thing Dee helped me to create a healthier, nutritious lifestyle. She taught me to eat exactly what I want without cutting out the junk. I eat nutritious meals that are SO delicious and still end up having room to indulge on sweets!

I feel SUPER confident and strong. I’m overall a happier person with a positive outlook on food and enjoy eating the way I do.

I have a nutritious and healthy diet and it’s not hard. I am fit and beautiful.

Invest in yourself with Dee. She WILL bring a positive change to your life. She teaches you the mindset things that will make all the difference, not only nutritiously, but also in life as a whole.  

“I have learned a lot about food and nutrition on this program.”

I have always exercised and ate relatively well, however, I’ve still struggled with not being able to shed fat and feeling tired constantly. Learning about macros and how to balance my nutrition has given me more energy for my workouts and throughout my day. Also, learning about food abundance and how to combat that thinking has helped me avoid indulging in junk food – which is hard to do with being a working mother of two toddlers. The livestreams about the emotional side of weight loss and getting fit has also been helpful – “food” for thought!  I will continue sticking with macros long after this program. It makes sense for me and my lifestyle.

– Anoushka C.

“I was always overweight.  I was able to lose 6-8 lbs while working with Dee in 2 months while still getting to enjoy most foods/ continue to be social. “

I was always overweight, and have always struggled with my weight and overeating. I’ve only ever tried crash dieting but knew it was not sustainable. i wanted something more realistic to fit my social lifestyle. Last year, I started making working out a priority but never really knew how to address my nutrition and change it to start seeing results. I knew it was time to make a change because I was tired of being overweight and wanted to start seeing results from me investing time in working out and knew nutrition was always the way to start seeing results. I was able to lose 6-8 lbs while working with Dee in 2 months while still getting to enjoy most foods/ continue to be social. 
After working with Dee, I started shedding lbs, not hating “being healthy”, and knowing what to eat/ how to eat it (this is the most important part- which I never knew before) . I started with counting calories/ tracking my macros. 
Mentally, I was able to start noticing patterns around my eating habits/ why I was making certain decisions around binge eating/ the mentality of treating myself after a stressful day at work. After noticing this, I stopped associating so much emotion around food, and would rather approach it as a meal I needed to have to help me hit my macros in that day. Trust me, there were days I definitely slipped but Dee was there to let me know how it’s not the end of the world/ I can get back on track very easily and furthermore, not to beat myself up about it if I did slip—which is definitely something I’ve done in the past. 
It wraps around your lifestyle/ is tailored towards you. Dee definitely gets to know you as a client and understands your habits and tendencies. It’s also fairly independent so you’re accountable for your own progress while Dee lends a helping hand to make sure you stay on track, but not in an overbearing way at all! She is doing this for you, so make it count! 
Make sure to be honest with yourself/ Dee so you can see the most out of this program. If you are consistent/ follow the program, you will see results!! 
– Stephanie S. *Name changed for confidentiality

“I gained so much control”

For years I had told myself I was going to “get in shape”. I personally hated saying I wanted to lose weight because while I knew fat loss was my goal was, I didn’t want to be vocal about that due to my insecurities. That lack of honesty with myself was making it easy to skip workouts or healthy meals. I was not committed because I was never honest about what I wanted. 

My relationship with food was very mindless. Some days I’d eat one meal because I’d let everything else in life take up time. Some days the hunger would catch up to me and I’d overeat things that didn’t really end up satisfying me. And some days, I’d eat well and be cognizant of my nutrition, but I never had a plan to keep that sustainable.

After working with Dee, I just felt like I could move forward. I had the resources explained clearly. There weren’t any fad diets or work out plans. She didn’t sponsor waist trainers or fat loss teas. It was just all real things I could follow and sustainably keep up with. The information was clear, and the rest was up to me.

Since working together, my relationship with food is so much better. She really broke it down as starting off with counting your macros to understand what serving sizes and portions look like for your goals, and then taking off with what you learned. I was able to go on a vacation this past week, enjoy the foods my foodie heart desired, then know when I probably needed to eat something a bit cleaner. I gained so much control!

– Shivani K


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