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9 Vegetarian Protein Options (That Are Not Tofu or Beans)

Because you can only eat so much tofu and beans…

We know how tough it can be to meet your protein needs when you’re vegetarian. So, we’ve compiled this list of some of our favorite vegetarian protein ideas. These are a mixture of snacks and meal ideas. 

1. Lentil Pasta

You can buy lentil pasta at almost all large grocery stores in the pasta aisle these days, or in the health food aisle. It’s packed with protein and when you mix it with pasta sauce, you can’t tell the difference! Banza is a one brand that we love. You can buy it at most grocery stores.

2. Protein Cereal
PSA: They’re putting protein in Cheerios now. Try this Special K Protein for your breakfast, and get a protein boost in the morning to keep you full:

3. Gardein Meatless Ground
This plant-based crumble is only 80 calories per serving and 12g of protein! Toss it into stir-frys, curries, and more to add some protein to your meal.

4. Greek Yogurt
Greek Yogurt has a ton of protein in it. You eat it with fruit for a sweet snack, add spices for a savory snack, or can even swap it for sour cream in dips. 

5. Protein Chips
Yup, protein chips are a thing. They taste great and they are an amazing portable snack. 

6. Protein Powder
Protein powder can be a great source of portable protein if you can’t meet your protein needs through your diet alone. 

7. Egg Whites
Try our recipe for these egg white muffin cups — they make a great breakfast or high protein snack on-the-go

8. Tempeh

Tempeh is tofu’s cousin that’s a little heartier. Try it! If you spice it well it actually tastes good and is very filling. Check out this BBQ tempeh recipe from Yummy Mummy kitchen 

9. String Cheese

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