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How Maria Dropped 2 Pant Sizes

“I’m not crying…you’re crying.”

This is what Maria and I said to each other at the end of her coaching program. 

Maria lost 2 pant sizes in 3 months–WITHOUT crash dieting, hours on a treadmill, or giving up her favorite foods. 

How Did We Do This?

Before she joined the Boss Body Nutrition Revolution, Maria was really struggling to feel good in her body.  

> She was constantly comparing her body to other women and hiding under baggy clothes. 

>  She was unmotivated to workout after facing an injury, and felt lethargic and sluggish.  

> She had a stressful job and was struggling would stresseat after a long day at work. 

> She would come home and reach for chocolate when she felt upset or anxious. (Hi Ferrero Rochers)  

She joined The Boss Body Revolution Coaching because she was sick of struggling with her body, and wanted to actually feel like her confident, powerful self again. 


Nutrition is what primarily drives weight loss, so we started here. Using the BBR Method, we taught her exactly how to shed excess fat without ever feeling hungry or deprived, and while still enjoying her social life.

I gave Maria custom nutrition targets (calories and protein) for her body to lose weight sustainably. She learned how to track her macros to fit in the foods she loved into her calorie targets, while still melting fat away. 

After tracking her food for a few months, she got a good understanding of portion sizing and her needs. She decided to switch to a more intuitive – eating style where she listened to her body’s hunger and fullness cues, and ate without tracking. 

She wanted to eat more vegetarian foods, so I gave her personalized recipes that she loved that were nutritious and tasty. 

She fit in mindful treats and indulgences a few times a week–Chocolate, ice cream, meals out with friends. 

I monitored her nutrition and made adjustments based on her progress to break plateaus and keep her energy levels up. 


Since Maria was recovering from an injury, she needed something really customized. She also had hypermobility, and needed workouts that were safe and effective for her.

I gave her personalized workouts that helped her build muscle effectively. She learned to lift weights with dumbbells safely. If there were any moves she was unsure of, she sent me a video for a form review.

Maria was working out just three times a week for 45 minutes each session. 


Once the tactical pieces were in place, we worked on developing a healthy relationship with food and a healthy mindset in her weight loss journey. 

We built healthy habits to manage stress and emotions instead of using food to cope. She started using a mental health app called Youper to track her mood, so she could track patterns in her anxiety and understand what triggered it. 

We practiced eating out without overeating, and staying healthy at social events.

We did a lot of exercises to improve her body image, so she was no longer comparing herself to other women all the time.

She developed the “mental muscle” to push herself to the gym when she didn’t feel like it, because she valued her long-term goals. 


Maria stayed accountable via our weekly coaching call. On this 1-hour long call we discussed everything about the week–What went well, what didn’t go well, and what we learned. We made a plan for the upcoming week with food and workouts. 

Maria was able to text me in-between sessions for anything she needed. If she was going out to eat and didn’t know what to order, if she just felt unmotivated, or if she was about to stress-eat chocolate.

She was also part of The BBR Facebook Community where she was able to stay accountable and supported by the incredible team of women who are going through this journey together. 

Measuring Progress

Maria didn’t want to use the scale, so she took progress pictures every week to measure her progress and make sure she was on track. 

The Results? 

As you can see, the results have been impressive–Both physical and mindset related:

> She’s down two pant sizes (Check out that gorgeous photo!) 

> Her favorite jeans fit again

> She has an amazing relationship with food (Bye bye binge eating, hello nourishing her body)

> She’s has more energy and feels less anxious 

> She’s feeling strong and confident in her skin and all her clothes (Hi little black dress!) 

Check out what Maria said below:

Most weight loss programs give you a bunch of band-aid dieting solutions– These rarely work long term, because they aren’t sustainable and don’t build healthy habits. 

This is why so many people self-sabotage or rebound on their goals. 

The women in The BBR get such great results because we combine the right programs + sustainable habits + accountability, so you see long-term results. 

Want results like Maria?

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PS: Maria made a brief 5-minute video sharing her journey! Check it Out Below:

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