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Why You’re Not Losing The Weight (Despite Trying Everything)

You’ve been trying to lose weight forever, but nothing’s working. You’ve been eating clean, slaving on the treadmill, and trying every diet under the sun. But nothing ever seems to work. The stubborn fat won’t budge, and you feel frustrated and panicked. 

What gives? Why does it seem like weight loss is SO easy for other women, and so hard for you?

Is it your metabolism? Genetics? Is this just how it’s going to be for you?

Truth is, weight loss is completely figure-out-able. If you’re not seeing results, it’s likely because you’re making a few common weight loss mistakes.

Here are the Top 5 Weight Loss Mistakes we see women making. Check — Are you making any of these?

❌ MISTAKE #1: You’re Eating “Clean,” But not in a Calorie Deficit.

You’re eating fruit and granola for breakfast, salads for lunch, a handful of nuts for a snack, and salmon cooked in olive oil for dinner. So why isn’t the fat melting away?

In order to lose weight, you must create a caloric deficit: You need to be eating fewer calories than you burn in a day through daily movement. When you are in a calorie deficit, your body will break down fat stores to get energy. Eating adequate protein while you’re in this deficit will make sure that you retain muscle and stay satiated. 

“Clean” foods can still be very calorie-dense.

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As you can see here, an extra handful of nuts, an extra splash of olive oil–this can easily pull you out of a calorie deficit for the day.

This does NOT mean you need to avoid these foods. It just means to be aware of portion sizing and your overall calorie needs. 

The solution? 

Try tracking your calorie intake for a few days using an app. You don’t have to do this forever, but a few days can give you really helpful information. Most of the women we coach are really surprised to see how much they’re actually consuming when they track their food. 

Most women don’t have major issues with their metabolism. They’re just eating way more than they thought.

❌ MISTAKE #2: You’re Cutting Your Calories too Low, and Binging Later 

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You start a new diet–No carbs, no sugar, just plain salads. 

The first few days you’re on fire. You resist the cookies at work, say no to the bread at dinner, and order a salad when everyone else gets fries.  

But after a few days, you start to get hungry. Turns out, plain salads aren’t that filling.

One day, you come home from work exhausted. You tell yourself “it’s been such a long day, one cookie won’t hurt…” and reach for just one.

But one cookie turns into seven cookies… And before you know it, you’re knee-deep in a pint of ice cream and whole pizza too, because you “might as well” while you’re at it. 

The next day, you wake up bloated and panicked.

You tell yourself you don’t deserve to eat, and skip lunch to “makeup” for the damage. But the next night, you get hungry again, and the binge happens again. 

Sound familiar? 

Truth is, every time these binges happen, they’re likely putting you in a calorie surplus and causing you to gain weight, not lose it. 

The solution? Bring your calories UP.  Yes–really. Don’t be scared. You want your calorie deficit to be moderate, not extreme. You want to be in the “sweet spot” for calories where you’re eating the right amount to shed fat sustainably, but you’re not feeling hungry all the time or having constant binges because you feel so deprived. 

Also, allow yourself to enjoy a few indulgences here and there–this will improve your adherence and help you not feel so restricted that you have to binge.

With our clients, we aim for the 80-20 rule: 80% of your diet should be whole, nutritious foods, while 20% can be the fun stuff.  This way, you stay sane and can sustain your results long-term. 

❌ MISTAKE #3: You’re Not Staying Consistent 

Are you “good” all week but binge on the weekends? 

Do you start a different program every week?

Do you give up when you don’t see instant results? 

Truth is, weight loss takes TIME. It takes patience and consistency. Even at night, even on the weekends, even when life gets stressful.

Most people we see just aren’t consistent with their programs long enough to see results. 

The solution? Try and stay consistent for at least two weeks: That’s how long it usually takes to assess if a program is “working” for you or not.

If you can’t stay consistent for even two weeks it’s likely a sign that your program is not sustainable for you. 

Find something you can sustain for at least two weeks, and make sure you have accountability to help you stay on track when life gets nuts. 

❌ MISTAKE #4: You’re Copying a Cookie Cutter Plan from the Internet

You spend hours Googling “what to eat to lose weight,” scouring magazine articles. You study Instagram models “what I eat in a day” and try to replicate it. You download “meal plans” from the internet and follow them to a T, but they never work for you.

Truth is, there is NO one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition. What works for Keto Karen at work might NOT work for you. 

Why? You each have different bodies, different lifestyles, and different habits..

This means that the way you approach weight loss, needs to be different, too. 

I work with some who can eat 2400 calories and lose weight, while other women who eat 1400 calories and lose weight. Some women respond better to a lower-carb diet, while others respond better to a higher carb diet. Some women want to track macros while other women follow meal templates.

Here are 3 of our former clients, which totally different calorie needs for weight loss:

Lauren was eating around 1400 calories. Aishwarya was eating around 2200. Hillary was eating around 1800.

Everyone’s. Body. Is. Different.

In order to see lasting results, you need a program that’s customized to YOU.

The ideal program for YOU:

  1. Gives your body the right nutrition to shed excess body-fat 
  2. Helps your body build muscle and tone up 
  3. Helps you build habits to keep the weight off
  4. Is realistic for your lifestyle and what you want to sustain long-term 

Want personalized support with your goals? Click here to apply for coaching with us. 

❌ MISTAKE #5: You’re Not Addressing Stress & Emotional Eating Habits

Most women think that all they need to lose weight is the perfect diet. More willpower, more restriction, more depriving themselves. 

The right nutrition is important for fat loss. Yes.

But here’s the thing:  Most of the time when we overeat, it’s for emotional reasons that have nothing to do with willpower: 



🍪Rewarding yourself (“I deserve it”)

🍪Numbing hard emotions: Loneliness, anxiety, frustration

🍪Scarcity & fear (“I’m only around it once” / “Might as well load up”)

If you’re overeating because of stress and emotional eating, a diet is NOT going to fix this.

In fact, it’s going to make things worse, because you haven’t dealt with the real issues. When the diet ends, you’re going to go back to eating “normally” and re-gain the weight back when life gets stressful. 

The solution? Get to the root of the issue. If you’re struggling with stress and emotional eating, work on changing these habits so you’re set up for long-term success.

What to do Next?

If you’re making any of these mistakes above it could be the reason you’re not seeing the results you want. 

The good news is, weight loss is a solve-able problem. If you’re in a plateau, get curious. What do you need to change?  Where do you need to get honest with yourself about your habits? 

If you’re certain that you’re not making any of the mistakes above, there could be a medical issue such as PCOS or Hypothyroidism interfering. This is rare, so rule out these other factors first. 

If you’re struggling with weight loss and want a proven plan to lose weight, click here to learn more about coaching with us.

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