Managing PCOS the Healthy Way: Q&A with Dr. Rashmi Kudesia

PCOS Cysters, this is for you!

Dr. Rashmi Kudesia, MD, MSc is a Reproductive Endocrinologist and Infertility Specialist with CCRM Fertility who has extensive experience working with women with PCOS. In this chat, she’s joined by BBR Founder, Dee, to discuss:

✨️ Demystifying PCOS: What it is and common misconceptions.

✨️ Treatment and management options from lifestyle to medication.

✨️ Fertility and PCOS

✨ Birth control and PCOS: Pros and cons

✨ Weight loss with PCOS.

✨ Any other Q&As from the audience.

If you’re struggling to manage PCOS, don’t miss out on this highly educational discussion!

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