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The Three Types of Binges (And how to solve each one)

Binge Eating. Is this something you struggle with?

This is when you feel out of control around food, like something has taken over you and you just can’t stop eating. You’re not alone. Many women struggle with this and I did too.

Most women think binge eating is a *problem*, and the solution is:

❌ Another diet.

❌ More ‘willpower’ and ‘control’

❌ Punishing yourself the next day.

This rarely works for binge eating.

Why? Because binge eating is not the problem, it’s a symptom of the problem.

There are 3 TYPES of binges – each have their own underlying problems:

(1) The Extreme Hunger Binge:

You don’t eat consistently during the day, come home starving and go right to chips because your body needs food, NOW. *binge.*

👉 This problem can be solved relatively easily with balanced, consistent meals throughout the day so you don’t get to this point.

(2) The Diet Rebellion Binge:

Ever notice how the moment you start a diet, you start craving everything that’s off limits? 

When you’re on a restrictive diet, it causes what we call a scarcity mindset with food. You start to think that food is a scarce resource, and you have to “load up” when you get the chance. Cravings start creeping and go through the roof. Eventually you “cave” and binge, telling yourself: 

“Might as well”

“It’s cheat day”

“I have to load up”

“Diet starts tomorrow…”

👉 This binge can be solved with a more flexible nutrition plan that allows treats while staying in a calorie deficit… As well as embracing what we call an abundance mindset with food:

Remember, good food is everywhere, and there is no shortage of food in the universe. When you shift to an abundance mindset, you have the power and can make empowered choices around food–what do you actually want to eat? 

(3) The Emotional Numbing Binge

You might be using food to escape, cope, numb, or soothe negative emotions or stress.

But again – the binge is a symptom, not the problem. Ask yourself or journal out:

💕 What am I feeling right now? 

💕 What am I trying to escape or numb? 

💕 What feelings am I you trying to avoid?

💕 What do I really need right now?

Explore what you’re really feeling. Once you get to the root of the issue, you can find a healthy way to cope with the emotion instead of using food to cope.

TIP: Try our 5 Minute Beat the Binge Breathing Re-Set when you feel a binge coming on.

Make sure you’ve downloaded The Binge Code Freebie 

If you want to stop binge eating? 👉 Start seeing it as the *symptom.* Take a step back and solve the real problem — whether that’s nutrition or something else ❤️

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